The 30 Day Ab Challenge

Are you up for a challenging and wanting to strengthen your abs? This article will show you exactly how you can achieve that, thanks to this 30 day ab challenge. You will find a routine to follow each and every day, at the end of it you should noticed improved abs and stronger core muscles.…

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Are you up for a challenging and wanting to strengthen your abs? This article will show you exactly how you can achieve that, thanks to this 30 day ab challenge. You will find a routine to follow each and every day, at the end of it you should noticed improved abs and stronger core muscles. As well as the routine, you will also get additional advice on diet to help improve those results even more!

Why Do A 30 Day Ab Challenge?

I personally love setting myself challenges, whether they are 15 days or 30 days. It’s a great way for you to focus on a specific area of the body and to train to be more disciplined. As its over a 30 day period, you will notice each day your strength increasing as you are able to do tougher and longer sets.

One of the hardest things for people to do when trying to gain muscle is routine. It can be incredibly difficult to not only understand a routine, but to keep the motivation up and sticking with it. 30 day challenges are perfect as they help you form more of a routine.

How Hard Will The Challenge Be?

The truth is, it will be as hard as you make it. You need to be really determined and have your mind set on finishing the challenge. If you go at it half hearted, your results will show that. Take up the challenge and believe me, before long you will see some good results.

Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be easy as you need to push your body and increase your muscle strength. You should however always gauge your own ability and only do what your body is capable of.

30 Day Ab Challenge – The Exercises

Before we actually get into the routine, it’s important to fully know how to do the exercises. It is much better to do 1 right than 100 wrong. There might be some variations but as long as they are do right, you will see some great results.

Sit Ups

  • Lay flat on the floor with your knees bent and shoulder width apart
  • Cross your arms across your chest
  • Pull yourself up and then lay back down slowly

ab challenge Sit up Image

ab challenge Sit up Image

Leg Raises

  • Lay flat on the floor with your hands palm down on the floor
  • Pull your belly button in
  • Place ankles together and lift legs up
  • Slowly lower down but do not touch the ground
  • Repeat without them touch the floor until set complete

Ab Challenge Leg Raises

Ab Challenge Leg Raises

Glute Bridge

  • Lay flat on the floor with knees bent and palms facing down
  • Keep feet on the floor lift hips up
  • The back and shoulders should now be a straight line
  • Hold for a couple of seconds
  • Return bottom to the floor and repeat

Ab challenge Glute Bridge

Ab challenge Glute Bridge


  • Get into the press up position but place arms on the floor instead of hands.
  • Pull belly button into spine
  • Back should be kept as a straight line
  • Keep position for as long as required

Ab challenge Plank

Ab challenge Plank

30 Day Ab Challenge – The Routine

Now you know the exercises, it’s time to get yourself started on the challenge. You are going to be doing a set of each of the exercises, every day. Although every 4th day, you will have a rest day to recover and allow the muscles to repair themselves.

The in terms of reps (the amount of the exercise your do), this will continue to increase each day. It will continue to get harder but as you continue working through them, you will notice your strength does increase.

By the end of the 30 days, you should see some incredible results!

Complete 30 Day Ab ChallenegeComplete 30 Day Ab Challenege

Print off the above routine and tick the box when complete to keep track of your progress!

Ab Challenge – The Diet Is Key!

An important aspect of the 30 day ab challenge that many people don’t think about is diet. They do assume that simply doing the exercises will result in a 6 pack. in actual fact you need to understand that, your results is from 30% the exercises and 70% the diet.

This section of the article will therefore give some suggestions of foods that you should incorporate into your diet. I cannot stress this enough, if your diet is poor then your results will be as well!

Your Food Routine

As well as following the routine above, you need to also think about a food routine. Don’t let that put you off though, its a lot easier to manage than you would think.


Its all well and good working on the ab muscles, if you have a bit of a belly its going to be harder to see those abs. You therefore need to start thinking about trying to get the body fat percentage down. The only way of doing this is by reducing your calorie intake. In order to maintain your current weight, men need to consume 2500 calories and women need 2000.

To help reduce your body fat percent, you need to reduce the amount of calories you consume per day by 500.

Do NOT skip a meal. To many people try to cut calories by just not having breakfast or lunch, this will not work. Yes you are consuming less but you are also slowing down your metabolism, resulting in your body storing more fat.

Increase Meals

At the moment you are probably having 3 meals a day, this ideally wants to be increased to 6 meals. Now when I say meals, I don’t mean a full dinner. The additional 3 meals will simply be snacks.

By eating every 3-4 hours during the day, you are improving your metabolism which helps to encourage your body to use more of the stored fats.

A good meal plan would be;

▪ 7:00 am – Breakfast
▪ 10 am – Snack
▪ 1 pm – Lunch
▪ 4 pm – Snack
▪ 6-7 pm – Dinner
▪ 9-10 pm – Snack

Water…Water and more Water

You have probably heard it a thousand times, but worth reiterating it since it’s so important! The protein within our body are transported by the water in the bloodstream, if we don’t get enough water then this can make it inefficient.

Drinking 3 litres of water per day is a good starting point. Whilst you are doing your routines, this might increase.

Perfect Ab Developing Foods

As mentioned protein is essential to help with developing your ab muscles. I would therefore try and add as much as the following into your diet as possible.

Protein Rich Foods for Better AbsProtein Rich Foods for Better Abs


There are so many different 30 day ab challenges online, most of which are great and will help you see some impressive strength.

As mentioned though, you do need to make sure your diet is also spot on. If its not then you can do as many sit ups as you want and you just wont see results.

Remember, if you have some fat around the abs you need to get rid of it. Therefore combining the exercises with a good diet will result in muscle growth and fat loss.

After the 30 day challenge, you may not have a six pack. I can assure you that you will feel stronger and start having more definition. To see even more results you might want to consider repeating the workout or replacing the exercises with harder variations.

Let me know how you get on! I would love to see some before and after pics!

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