Six Pack Abs Workout at Home – Lean Muscle Body

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Six Pack Abs Workout at Home

“Here are Free! workout /abs exercises videos. Click the play button on the any corresponding image for How to perform that workout at home to get ripped abs. When you are performing Ab exercises and you feel you are fat, you don’t need to go for dieting, just increase interval training in your workout routines.”

Six Pack Abs Workout Videos

Warming Up
Before performing Six Pack Abs Body Workout, Be sure to perform this 10 Minutes total body Warm Up Exercise initially. After Warm Up process perform further Ab workouts.

L-Sit Workout
The L-Sit has its origins in gymnastics but has been widely adapted by the calisthenics and Street Workout community. Sometimes you even see it in the big box gyms. With your hands on the floor and in a seated position, press down into the ground with your legs extended directly out in front of you. As you contract from your abs, your pelvis will tilt forward and your hips will shift in front of you. You will feel this exercise everywhere. L-Sits can also be performed on parallel bars, pull-up bars, kettlebells or just about any object. Each one has its own characteristics.

Hanging Leg Raise Workout
Benefits: Helps toning core strength of Abdominal muscles, back, hip flexors, lower abs, flat stomach and rectus abdominis. To get your shins all the way to the bar, a certain degree of hamstring flexibility is required. Like the L-Sit (and much advanced calisthenics in general), this exercise requires both strength and mobility. Hanging Leg Raises can be deceptively hard. Six controlled reps are very good. Ten or more is excellent.

Sometimes referred to as “The Spin Cycle”, this exercise can be regressed by bringing your knees high up toward the chest, rather than shins parallel to the ground. This creates a smaller angle at the hip and knee, thus shortening length of the body. When you feel comfortable with ten to twenty reps, it’s Windshield Wiper time.

Benefits: Helps regain the normal range of hip joint movements, strengthen and tighten the core and tones the abdominal muscles, lower abs / lower body. You can lose belly fat fast with this workout routine. Controlling your own body weight is important here; squeeze the bar hard! You may also notice a slight bend in the elbow on the side that you are rotating toward. Try to keep your arms as straight as possible to keep the emphasis on the abs, but slight kinking of the elbow is often unavoidable. Start out with sets of 2-4 reps at a time. 3 sets of 10 is a solid goal. 3 sets of 20 is advanced.

This workout program is for one of the shoulders and Abdominal exercises. If you are new to this exercise, you may experience difficulty bringing your feet all the way under the bar smoothly, even with a narrow grip. If this is the case, you might need to “kick through”, using your feet to push you’re your hips under and to the other side of the bar. That’s okay. This will improve over time. Five or six solid, slow reps at a time, but feel free to do more if you wish. More than ten at a time may be unnecessary. The bottom position, sometimes called a “German Hang” makes a great stretch for shoulders and upper back.

This cardio workout strengthens your biceps, increases shoulder width, Abdominal muscles and helpful in increasing your height. Even when actively pulling the bar toward your body, be prepared to fall from the top position quickly if you are new to this exercise. It may be helpful to think of it as a slow negative One Arm Pull-Up. Respect the move and take your time for six packs. At the beginning, a hold of any duration is good. 10-20 seconds or more is excellent.

Benefits: Your whole torso is worked, Hip flexors and lower back, lower ab muscles are also being worked.
The Dragon Flag can also be performed without a bench, as long as there is something for the practitioner to hold onto, be it a pole, partner or random object. A 5-10 second hold is a great place to start, with 30 seconds being a solid goal. But the Dragon Flag can also be done for reps.
4-10 as a goal is recommended, but just start with one and try to make it nice.

Front lever Workout
The front lever is one of the most powerful bodyweight exercises that can build a big upper body and strong abs. The problem is, most people don’t know how to properly perform this body weight movement. In this video, I show you a step by step tutorial for mastering the front lever so that you can start seeing the benefits that this great exercise holds for you.

5 Best Exercises for the Pull Up Bar
Benefits: This is a good fat burning workout. Builds ultra-ordinary upper body strength, helps you lose bodyweight, burn fat fast, great cardiovascular exercise / cardio workout, best exercise for building coveted V-Shape taper physique, boost your confidence, builds abdominal muscles and strengthen fast.

Bruce Lee’s Ab Workout for a Ripped Six Pack Abs
You can follow these bruce lee’s core exercises / full body workout / Ab training to get Washboard abs – great abs.


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