A Simple Lean Muscle Workout Plan for Results

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Building muscle seems like a simple task at first. So why do you even need a lean muscle workout plan? But then, as you get into the process, you realize just how many things you need to consider.

One nuanced factor is how to put together a solid lean muscle workout plan that is sustainable…and simple. Most over-complicate a simple process, and as a result most regular people feel a workout plan is just too much of a hassle.

The Critical Factor for a Lean Muscle Workout Plan

Lean Muscle Workout PlanWe can build muscle in many ways and through many activities. So long as the stimulus is somewhat novel and intense enough, the body will have no other choice but to build muscle.

But, to build lean muscle at an optimal rate, you need to do resistance training. You need to place enough tension on your muscles, and you need to fatigue them. That way, you will signal your body that your muscles play an essential role, and you need them to develop so that they can handle that stress better in the future.

To avoid confusion, resistance training means weightlifting or bodyweight training in the context of this workout plan.

How to Optimize Lean Muscle Gain

Before we get into the lean muscle workout plan, let’s go over some important considerations for optimal training:

1) A proper warm-up is a must – it helps prepare your body and mind for the workout, minimizes the risk of injury, and allows you to perform better. Some dynamic stretching and light cardio should be enough.

2) Aside from doing cardio before training (as part of your warm-up), you should also do some aerobic exercise after the workout. This will help you burn extra calories and get lean. You can build a lot of lean muscle over the course of a year, but you won’t look lean if you carry more than 20% body fat.

3) Contrary to popular belief, two workout days per week is plenty for most people who live a healthy life and don’t aspire to become professional bodybuilders. You can do a lot of productive work in two workouts a week (weightlifting workouts), and you don’t have to dedicate yourself to a split of six weekly workouts to get anywhere.

4) If you are trying to get lean, and are dieting 5 days a week with 2 semi-cheat days, build your two workouts around your cheat days. This way your muscles are fueled for your workouts.

5) You must lose fat and get lean in order to have an attractive, lean body frame. Fad diets are not sustainable over time, so you must get control of your daily and weekly calorie intake and expenditure. Knowing your BMR is a very good place to start, as it tells how many calories you burn in a typical day.


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